About Us

The UC Davis Mental Health Initiative is an entirely student-run ASUCD Unit focused on mental health awareness and destigmatization.

Mission Statement:

MHI aims to engage students in destigmatization and education efforts, prompt attendees to organize around mental health issues, and offer them the opportunity for self-reflection and healing through mental health discourse.


Inspired by UC Irvine’s Reclaim Mental Health Conference, the UC Davis Mental Health Initiative was established in 2016 as an ASUCD Senate project, a completely student-led endeavor. In only a few years, the UC Davis Mental Health Initiative has grown to incorporate multiple large-scale events.

What We Do:

We host the UC Davis Mental Health Conference in February and Mental Health Awareness Month in May, two major events open to the public, which aim to spark dialogue about mental health and inspire local communities to address mental health disparities in their own lives.