2024 Mental Health Conference


MHC 2024

UC Davis 2024 Mental Health Conference 

Welcome to UCD MHI's 8th annual Mental Health Conference! MHC is the LARGEST student-run mental health conference in California! Join us for an engaging and informative event focused on promoting mental health destigmatization, education, and advocacy. This in-person conference will be held at the UC Davis Conference Center and is FREE FOR ALL (non-students welcome!). MHC 2024 features guest keynote speakers, interactive workshops, healing spaces, caucuses, and more!

Dates: February 17th and 18th 2024 

Location: UCD Conference Center (550 Alumni Lane, Davis CA 95616)

Our goal is for the Mental Health Conference to equip participants with actionable steps and valuable insights, empowering them to enhance their mental well-being and contribute to mental health advocacy and destigmatization. Join us in making a positive impact at MHC 2024 and embark on a journey of wellness!